Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Oils and their usage

I am obsessed with essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts from various parts of plants - leaves, twigs, flowers, seeds. They are the plants defense mechanism and keeps them healthy. Our bodies respond well to essential oils, as we are using all the beneficial and natural compounds from the plant.

Why do you use essential oils for emotional well-being and how does it work exactly?

Essential oils vibrate at extraordinarily high frequencies. These natural substances produce the greatest change in our own bodies vibrations. For example, a healthy human body/spirit vibrates between 62-78 MHz, and an imbalanced person vibrates at or below 57 MHz. Essential oils hold a range of frequencies between 52-580 MHz. When these essential oils are placed on specific acupuncture points and meridians on the body, low frequencies are quickly released. Optimal wellness depends upon releasing low frequency vibrations, so that all body systems and organs are in rhythmic, harmonious flow. The whole purpose of Chinese Medicine is to create flow in the body, mind, and spirit. It is stagnations and obstructions that cause breakdown in human health. I use essential oils because they are substances that I have found to create the greatest and lasting change, especially with emotional well-being.

Plus, essential oils are affordable and easily accessible.

What can I expect with using your book, Awake Yourself course, and/or in private sessions?

What can I expect with using your book?

Whichever product or service you choose, you can expect a deeper understanding of who you are and be empowered to live the greatest version of yourself. Your story matters, your gifts matter, you matter. When we tackle and eliminate disempowering beliefs such as “I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m worthless, I have nothing to offer” - the human spirit then only thrives in their truth and light. You can expect to use a lot of essential oils often, where you will be guided in its proper application. All so you can experience emotional freedom, feel confident in who you are, and walk with grace in this treacherous world. You will find flow, growth and expansion. Emotions are what influence our behaviors, and essential oils have the power to influence our emotions. Empowering emotions lead to desired behaviors and actions, which lead to a creative and productive life. You will see life will happening “for you” rather than “to you.” Most of all, you will notice how much you contribute to your life’s circumstances, so that you take ownership and design the life you truly desire.

Are there any negative side effects for using essential oils or any of your blends/protocols?

Majority of the time blends and/or protocols will leave you feeling physically lighter and may increase energy levels. It is very possible to experience some physical symptoms after a release within 24 hours of a session/protocol. Some symptoms may include: feeling emotional with tears or rage spells for a few minutes, lethargic, headache, achy, mucus production, or any other random symptoms. Those are all signs of low vibrations leaving the body. This may happen with 10% of people who use essential oils in this manner, for emotional release. Again, they do resolve within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, then please email us.

How long before I see changes and the results I am looking for?

Protocols from the Awake Yourself course will have immediate effects.

Many times you will feel the results immediately. For example, if you are experiencing negative self-talk that is bringing you into a space of intense worry, then using lemongrass on top of the head will quickly quiet the mind. Blends from the “I am Fabulous” book take 1-6 weeks, with most of them working within 2 weeks of daily application. You will notice gradual improvements with the blends, so I recommend journaling to keep track of your progress. Protocols from “Awake Yourself” course will have immediate effects right after application. Private sessions will also lend to immediate effects during the call. A custom blend is provided during private sessions to continue lifting vibrations and increase progress.


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