If this is our first introduction, I want to say Hello and so nice to meet you! It is a great honor to know you, sincerely. I see you as a brave warrior who is never satisfied with the status quo. Mediocrity makes you squirm. You are a beacon of light that desires to change this world with love, creativity and innovation. Welcome to the Fab Tribe.

My dream is to inspire individuals to become their highest and best self.

My dream is to inspire individuals to become their highest and best self, to share their extreme gifts and talents with humanity, and believe in their greatness. Every single human being has unique gifts, no one is meant to just “get by” in life. God made us magnificent, powerful, and geniuses. I believe that when a person operates in their zone of genius, the rest of humanity witnesses the power of God. As recipients of your gifts, we get to experience God, which then lifts the consciousness and increases the vibrations of this toxic world. In my opinion, there is nothing more important than living in line with your true self and living in alignment with God’s will for our lives. And I want to show you how easy that is! To live surrendered to your higher power (which is where abundance comes), and let go of the Ego.

(Some of you may not like that word...God. Makes you cringe. You can title it to suite your belief system. To me we breathe the same air. Whether we call it Source, Universe, or God, it is all the same. You may see me use those terms interchangeably in my writings.)

As you get to know me, you will see how I am obsessed with essential oils. They are one of my favorite tools to shift low vibration thoughts and emotions to higher frequencies. For example, shifting feelings of hopelessness into faith. Essential oils vibrate at such high frequencies, that it is impossible to experience feelings of fear when using essential oils that create feelings of safety and security. Just as if you turn the light on in a dark room, the entire room is lit up. The darkness cannot exist in the same space as light. That is how powerful these oils are!

I am obsessed with essential oils.

People go to therapists to hash out the same problem for 5-10 years. I prefer to use essential oils for 1-2 weeks to shift a pattern out of their system. There is no need to suffer the same victim story all your life. If you are serious about changing your patterns, your paradigm, then give essential oils a try. I have become an expert in emotional wellness with the oils, as well as using them for massive breakthroughs and personal development.

I invite you to dive into this beautiful, magical world with me. Allow me to guide you on how to use these oils in the most effective ways. I have combined my Chinese Medical knowledge and experience with oils to provide you powerful blends and protocols that create change immediately.

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I look forward to growing with you and lifting the consciousness of this world. The world is ready and waiting for you to step up!

With Love,