If this is our first introduction, I want to say Hello and so nice to meet you! It is a great honor to know you, sincerely. I see you as a brave warrior who is never satisfied with the status quo. Mediocrity makes you squirm. You are a beacon of light that desires to change this world with love, creativity and innovation. Welcome to the Fab Tribe.

One thing I pride myself in is making great decisions, and making them quickly at that. I wasn’t always that way. When I was pregnant, it would take me days upon days of research to pick the perfect diaper bag that I would enjoy for a long time. I probably spent a good 40 hours obsessing over choosing the brand and design pattern. Today, I can walk into a store and quickly pick out what I know works for me. And one thing is for sure, I never ever settle. If an item doesn’t give me great joy or serve a high purpose, then it doesn’t enter my life.

This is by far one of my favorite topics: Clutter. We all have it, and it’s super easy to accumulate. One thing that isn’t discussed in regular conversation is the dangers of clutter. People do not realize how damaging it is to our spirit as well as our growth and development. If you feel stuck in your life, whether it’s stuck in a relationship or a job, my first recommendation is to clear the clutter out of your home. It’s the easiest thing to do, and you aren’t required to purchase anything to do it.